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We believe that iron sharpens iron, that learning never ceases, and that there's always room for a little more hustle. 

Our mentoring sessions are tailored to your specific business needs with topics including building an authentic brand, cultivating an amazing client experience, pricing for your ideal client, in-person sales, shooting in natural light and using off-camera flash, post-processing workflow, and business management. 

We want to partner with you, dream alongside you, and help you forge a path that allows your business to flourish!

why mentoring?

Why Mentoring

Let's be friends! Learn from our highs and lows and let us help you navigate the unique road ahead for your business! 

Running a business is hard. And it's even harder when you feel like you're in it alone. We've been there and we are passionate about cultivating creative community that encourages and compels you forward. 

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This year long, one-one-one mentoring intensive is for photographers who want to get down + dirty about all things photography and business related! This fully tailored experience allows us to set tangible goals and see massive growth happen throughout the year! This includes:

+ Initial, full day of one-on-one mentoring, including discussion through major topics, portfolio review, and goal-setting for the year
+ Live shoot with real-life clients for hands-on practice
+ Monthly meeting (online or in-person) to check in on progress, update goals, and maintain that hustle.
+ Shadow us at one wedding in 2018 (travel fees not included for out of town students)
+ 365 days of unlimited access to us for any and all photography related questions!

Full year



So, you've been booking clients and shooting your heart out, but you just can't seem to get over that next hurdle in pursuing your dream? If you need an extra boost in your biz, this full day of one-on-one mentoring is built for you!

+ 8 hours of one-on-one mentoring, covering topics like business management, branding, shooting, lighting, editing, client experience, and more!
+ Portfolio review.
+ Portrait session with real-life clients for hands-on practice!
+ 30 days of unlimited follow-up questions with a final video chat check-in evaluate progress and set new goals moving forward

Full day

MENTORING sessions


Just have a few questions you need answered? Want to know some of our secrets? Set up an hourly mentoring session, in-person or online, and we'll happily chat about any topic you choose!


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