Hi there! We are Brittany + Michael "Smitty" Smith, but you can call us Britt + Smit. We're the husband + wife team behind the camera here at Kairos Photography, and we're so excited you stopped by!

We've been in love for ten years, have two beautiful girls named Adelyn + Elsie, a sweet baby boy on the way, and are lovers of all things creative. We've been musicians + songwriters for as long as we can remember; storytelling is in our blood. After the birth of our oldest, photography became a natural extension of that - a profoundly beautiful opportunity to capture and convey the narrative and emotion within a moment. 

Just a few months after our wedding, Smitty's mom passed away unexpectedly. Our wedding photos are the last and only photos we have together with her, and they are something we will truly treasure for as long as we live. They are now more than wedding photos. They are the physical representation of a legacy left behind, the tangible images that allow our girls to see the grandmother they never met, to invite them into the stories they weren't able to experience firsthand. Photography is such a gift because through it, we can pause even the most fleeting moments and keep them close forever.

Aside from taking photos, we love making music, exploring new places, and spending time with our girls! Friday night pizza night is a weekly event in our home, and we've been known to get sucked into a TV series or two. Grays Anatomy, anyone?! We are dreamers and doers, a little bit quirky, and a lot a bit in love. We adore meeting new people + making new friends, and hope we can get to know you sometime soon! 

Meet Britt + Smit

kairos, pronounced "ky-ross,"
is a greek word for a moment in time.
specifically, a god-ordained moment.

five things to know

about britt & Smitt


We both have music degrees + play a combined total of nine instruments.


Brittany thinks chocolate is deplorable + Smitty hates pickles. Also, we eat more pizza than any human probably should.


Smitty has mad beatbox skills + is a closet hip-hop dancer. Britt boasts a mean cupid shuffle.


We've been photographers for a little over four years. We love shooting weddings together and photograph about 20 each year! 


We make a pretty good team. not just in photography, but in life. We're better together and we know it and love that about each other. 


+Wants a beautiful wedding, but an even more beautiful marriage.

+Desires a wedding photography experience that goes beyond the images themselves.

+Values photography and wants to have heirloom quality art to pass down to their children + grandchildren.

 +Wants a mix of relaxed poses + candid portraiture, but never anything too stuffy or formal.

+Believes that photography is an investment not just into their day, but into their lifelong story.

OUR style


our style is clean and classic, 
with true to life, vibrant colors. 

we believe in authentic images that are timelessly beautiful


the experience

Kairos couples are brides + grooms who want more than just a disc of pictures taken by a photographer they barely know. We are passionate about CULTIVATING relationships with our clients. We are COMMITTED to creating an experience that goes beyond the wedding day. We believe in the IMPORTANCE of tangible, heirloom quality albums and products so that your story lives on for years to come.

the experience

our style

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