I love happy couples. Couples that get what this whole crazy marriage thing is about. Couples that know it’s more than wedding planning and stress and chaos. It’s about building something beautiful together, something that goes beyond a perfect color scheme and the prettiest dress. These two get it. Colby + Taylar are building something […]

Sometimes in life you get blessed enough to meet people you just know are going to be “your people”. From the second you say “hi” there just seems to be something special there. That’s the way it was when Ashley and I first met about 18 months prior to her wedding. We simply “clicked” (pun […]

Happy Thursday, y’all! Spring is tiptoeing its way into the air here in St. Louis and that means that our 2017 wedding season is just around the corner! We are so excited for everything on the horizon this year, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t showcase a few more lovelies from 2016 first! You […]

Happy (so very belated) New Year, friends! 2016 (and let’s be honest – January) went by so quickly for us! How about y’all?? It’s been so much fun for us to look back at all of the amazing weddings we were honored to be a part of from last year! Seriously, we’re SO thankful for […]

Joey + Alyssa recently celebrated their 7 month anniversary and since they’re getting ready to head out for a grand new adventure halfway across the country, I thought it was high time we share their beautiful lavender-themed wedding on the blog! (And we’ll pretend I timed it that way on purpose!) This precious couple has […]

Oh, we have a beauty to share with you today! It’s a bit overdue, but we were waiting for it to get published on Something Turquoise! Lindsey + Frank had a STUNNING day at Lumen, a gorgeously renovated historic venue in the heart of St. Louis. When Lindsey initially reached out to me, she spoke […]

¬† ¬†Today’s edition of Meet Us Monday is special for two reasons: 1. It’s obviously a Tuesday. Can we just pretend I got this done on Monday?? and 2. We’re letting you in on one of our family’s FAVORITE traditions – family Halloween costumes! Dress up is kind of a big deal at our house […]

     It was a lovely April day. Carolyn was calm and as sweet as ever. Nick was ready to meet his bride. Together, they were surrounded by their dearest family and friends in the places that hold such significance for Carolyn’s family and their Italian heritage. From the start of the morning with prep at […]

     A little over a month ago, we shared with you a longheld, secret dream in our heart – to be 100% self-employed, crafting and creating beautiful stories alongside beautiful people, and to be able to do it together. We revealed that Smitty would be stepping down from his full-time position at Grace and […]

     It was 2009. We were dating, nearly engaged, and on our way back from a trip to visit my family in Springfield when the conversation happened. You know, the big one about dreams and 10 year plans and God’s will for our lives. If you could do anything, have anything, go anywhere, what would […]

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