Shortly before we left for San Francisco, I put out a model call on Facebook, looking for couples who would be interested in a free session while we were there. I mean, c’mon, as a lifelong resident of a landlocked state, there was no way I was letting the opportunity to photograph near the water […]

It’s a good day to reminisce on this lovely Spring engagement, don’t you think? Neil + Molly are such a fun couple! They love all things star wars + craft beer, are the perfect mix of quirky and cute, and are basically made for each other! We started their session at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, […]

When I think of a couple that genuinely loves being together, I think of these two. Rob + Maggie are some of the sweetest, most genuine souls that you’ll ever meet and we had so much fun at their engagement session earlier this Spring. We had planned to take their photos around City Garden, but […]

Harrison + Rochelle are such a great couple! Rochelle is a lawyer, Harrison is about to be one, they foster tons of darling dogs, they have a great sense of style + humor, and they’re just downright fun to be around! I knew from the minute we met that they were going to be a […]

Oh heavens, I adore this couple. Allie + Trent are about as adorable as they come and I’m still swooning over their engagement session at Tower Grove Park and Laclede’s Landing from last week. I had the HARDEST time picking out faves for this post! For a couple that’s never had their photos taken before, […]

   I first met Samantha several years, long before I was a photographer. Her brother was a very dear friend of ours and she was a a dear friend of my best friend’s sister (did you follow all of that?!). We’ve run into each other a few times at get togethers over the years, but […]

    We met at the Jewel Box that morning. It was bitter and blustery outside, only 12 degrees, but the Jewel Box seemed like the perfect place for an engagement session in the middle of January! Imagine our disappointment when we arrived to find it unexpectedly closed for the day. After already rescheduling once […]

    We met for the first time at a local coffee shop. Mandy was running a few minutes late, so I texted her and asked if she wanted me to order anything for her before she arrived. “Tea, any kind! You choose!” she said. Looking back, her response was a little glimpse into her […]

   When Jacob + Rachael first met in high school (they were in a guitar ensemble together!), they never would have dreamed they’d wind up together! And yet, here they are, an incredible and incredibly adorable duo! Their Lafayette Park engagement session was a blast! I love how laid back, relatable, and hilarious they are. I’m […]

   There are some people who you just know will be kindred spirits from the minute you meet them. Ashley was like that for me! From the moment I met her at a bridal show this past January, I knew she was my type of person. Maybe it was our matching glasses or our love affair […]

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